August Newsletter

August 2020 | The Year of Remote Collaboration

This year has been challenging for many people, teams and organizations trying to maintain business operations — and like many companies, 3Data has shifted to a 100% remote operation.

Luckily, the 3Data platform is perfect for remote collaboration and virtual meetings, allowing our team to not only stay on the same page, but grow stronger than ever!

We’re excited to share the updates that helped shape a successful month so far and hope that you have been able to stay healthy and positive during these trying times.

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We Raised a $1.3M Seed Round!

On August 11th, we officially announced our $1.3 million Seed Round raise led by Mark Cuban and HTC Vive. We’re excited and happy to have great people and organizations behind us that are just as excited as we are for the future of workplace collaboration.

Check out the article in Forbes written by industry expert, Jesse Damiani.

3Data Is A Featured Startup On The Cisco Blogs Website

In this Cisco blog post, learn about how 3Data and other featured startups have partnered with Cisco to help innovate on the future of work and the changing business landscape.

Introducing Apollo

Earlier this month, we released a new video showing off a ton of new capabilities that will soon be available on the 3Data platform.

In the video, we introduce Apollo, our voice-activated AI Data Assistant. Apollo helps our users make smarter decisions by pointing out unique insights in their data and allowing them to swiftly take action in real-time.

Learn more about Apollo and other platform updates in the full video.

We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for Full Stack Software Engineers or Data Engineers who want to be a part of a quickly growing startup with an infectious culture of innovation.

If that is you or someone you know, please contact

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