Data Fusion

One Platform, All of Your Data

Turn insight into action.

A Reliable and Scalable 3D Data Platform for Monitoring, Correlating, and Analyzing Operations for Faster Decision Making

Fusion Room

Instantly fuse your people and important media together in real-time and seamlessly collaborate with key stakeholders, clients or customers in a shared virtual environment. Fusion Rooms allow you to deliver a more engaging and enhanced virtual experience that is ideal for remote collaboration or virtual operations.

Fusion Center

Fusion Centers allow organizations to fuse together all of their real-time data into one, unified virtual environment where operators, analysts and other key stakeholders can collaborate in real-time to make better, faster decisions. Fusion Centers allow for the real-time streaming of data as well as cross-correlation and aggregation of disparate data silos that allow teams to instantly understand the big picture behind their big data.

Flexible, Fast and Scalable

Data Fusion is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) accessible for all users with a 3DataID allowing you to start gaining new insight in a matter of seconds! 

With no prior technical expertise required, harness the power of advanced 3D analytics. With an Open API, Data Fusion is the easiest way to connect all of your operational data and IoT devices to a single unified 3D space empowering remote network management and full operational control. Modular and scalable, enterprise IT teams and managed service providers can run predictive analytics prevent beaches and outages in real-time.

Easily Connect Data

Data Fusion Data Connectors enable fast, simplified data streaming with open APIs to simplify integration allowing you to rapidly augment end-to-end IT and cybersecurity workflows. Streamline incident response, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring with a user-friendly web dashboard for quick configuration of your datasource, 3D visualizations and widgets.

Big Data Analytics with Speed

Data Fusion unifies all of your real-time and historical data and cross-correlates rich log files, metadate, metrics, CCTV feeds, network topology, raw device data and location data in a unified 3D space. Using WebXR backed by a microservice Kubernetes architecture, enhance your IT capabilities with new add-ons and integrations from any datasource while adding additional 3rd party dashboards.

WebXR Backed by Kubernetes

Modern applications are increasingly built using containers, which are microservices packaged with their dependencies and configurations. Data Fusion uses Kubernetes, an open-source software for deploying and managing containers at scale. Build, deliver, and scale the Data Fusion platform faster with Kubernetes.

Blending the Physical and Virtual Worlds With Data

Unify all of your systems​

Unify all of your data platforms in a single, collaborative 3D space for full command and control of your operations.

Gain full operational visibility

Our AI assistant Apollo quickly detects threats and anomalies for smarter decisions and takes immediate action.

Insights from your logs

Intelligently parse all your log file agnostic to data source, location, format or protocol saving you days of manual work. 

Cross Platform Collaboration

Utilize cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technology to enhance data visualization,
virtual operations and remote collaboration
WebEx Device

Freedom of Deployment

You are free to deploy 3Data services anywhere you prefer. Deploy Data Fusion at your own data center premises either with virtual machines or 3Data can host Data Fusion on a public cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud

Unleash The Power of AI and 3D Operations

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