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How It Works

Apollo correlates disparate data sources across your organization to derive insights and predict potential issues in real-time. Eliminating the need for endless siloed dashboards, Apollo pushes insights directly into your workflow allowing you to rapidly resolve incidents and see hidden insights.

With Apollo AI

Connect dots across silos

Apollo ties insights across structured and unstructured data sources to visualize a clear view of anomalies for faster investigation and resolution.

Find anomalies in Real-time

Intelligently monitor real time data with Apollo. Visualize rich insight and gain visibility as complex problems continue to evolve allowing teams to immediately diagnose and resolve critical issues and incidents.

Instantly diagnose problems

Uncover hidden insights and determine root cause faster by correlating a vast amount of data (unstructured and structured) across silos and data in real time.

Automatic alerts

Send automatic alerts and notifications, or setup and train automatic response triggers

Confident decisions

Empower your team to focus on higher value work and let Apollo handle the busy work to save you team time and money.

Get insights at the edge

Apollo features surface insights and optimization recommendations that directly integrate into your existing workflow resulting in faster decision making and enhanced collaboration.

Cut through the noise

Avoid dashboard and notification fatigue with intelligent grouping that finds and predicts problems with network topology insights.

Integrate your toolchain

Augment your current environment with AI that integrates seamlessly with best-in-class IT monitoring and data visualization tools.

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