Advanced Analytics for SecOps

Combine your existing security workflow with an AI-powered 3D Alert Center to streamline your incident response and increase your real-time threat detection capabilities.

Centralized Visibility into Security Data

Unifying data from endpoint to system typically makes analysis impossibly complex. The Data Fusion security platform gives anyone the ability to easily understand security information in context, see threats instantly and seamlessly mitigate risks all in one environment.

Detect and Prioritize Threats in Real-Time

Rather than ingesting only time-series data, the Data Fusion platform uses the worlds fastest IoT database to stream high-fidelity logs, metrics, and real user data that are mapped to a unified data model. Analysts can execute real-time queries against any aspect of their network creating a new breed of Virtual Threat Hunters.

Cross-Correlate Your Threats

Integrate all your existing security data to analyze large amounts of data and safeguard your business from all angles by gaining a 360-degree view. Improve your security posture resulting in faster threat detection and easier remediation. 

Simplify and modernize your Security Operations

Transform your SecOps

Remotely monitor all of you systems in one secure 3D space.

A Simple View of Complex Security Data

Gain comprehensive, real-time visibility across your security posture.

Single Source Of Truth

Increase forensic capabilities with AI and visual analysis, alarms, trends and indicators.

Unleash The Power of AI and 3D
for SecOps