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The next generation of Network Operations. Helping network analysts intuitively monitor their real-time cyber risk to make more informed decisions in less time.

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Network Traffic Analysis


Aerospace & Defense

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Network Monitoring

  • Network security updated automatically
  • Monitor all mission-critical infrastucture components
  • Solve problems that come with multiple networks and geographical separation


  • Network bandwidth usage
  • Packet loss rate
  • Interface error rate
  • High CPU or memory utilization
  • TCP connections is anomaly high


  • Link is down
  • System status is in warning/critical state
  • Free disc space is low
  • Fan is in critical state
  • No SNMP data collection

Configuration Changes

  • New device added or removed
  • Network module is changed
  • Firmware has been upgraded
  • Devices serial number has changed
  • Interface has changed to lower speed

Cisco Webex Integration

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PowerBI Integration

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