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AI + AR + Visual Analytics

Introducing the 3Data PowerOffice – the first suite of mixed reality solutions designed for enterprise productivity and collaboration.
3Data PowerOffice allows organizations to effortlessly visualize and communicate information, allowing for better data analysis and faster decision making.

Engage and Monetize your Data

Combining real-time 3D visual analytics, collaboration and artificial intelligence, 3Data PowerOffice is designed to better identify trends, outliers, profits and losses allowing for faster insights and decision making.

  • Save time with real time collaboration and remote meetings in augmented reality
  • Visualize complex data in a 3D making discoveries faster
  • Create beautiful 3D graphs and presentations to communicate insights and share data stories
  • Publish and share discoveries to your organization in AR, VR or 2D

Complex Network Graphs

Intuitively explore and analyze connected data in real-time to better understand patterns and group similar nodes to discover new insights.

  • Cyber Security Visualization

  • Social Media Analysis

  • IoT Network Analysis

  • Fraud Detection

  • Compliance Visualizations


3D Terrain Mapping

Visualize terrain data with height and elevation mapping to allow you to understand your data in context.

  • Supply Chain Visualization
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Field Operations
  • Imagery & Remote Sensing
  • Real-Time Sensor Analysis

Subsurface Visualizations

See below the earths surface and visualize
SEG-Y data in 3D to see layers through which
oil and gas wells pass.

See below the earths surface and visualize SEG-Y data in 3D to see layers through which oil and gas wells pass.

  • Geospatial Exploration
  • Field Development
  • Production Operations
  • Field Processing

Layer Data Sources

Stack real-time data inputs and give your data additional context and see information as it updates.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Multiple Data Sources

  • Persistent Visualizations

AI Powered by IBM Watson

Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud insight engine.



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